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Privacy Policy

  1. The website at www.raczdomjan.hu is operated by Rácz és Domján Kft (4026 Debrecen, Bem tér 14) – hereinafter the Owner.
  2. The contents of this website shall be studied and downloaded only for personal – not commercial – use exclusively on condition that the copyright of the original contents or the copies of those and the rights relating to intellectual property are fully respected.   You shall not be entitled to modify, reproduce or publish, perform or spread the contents in your own name or on behalf of third party or use it in any other way for publicity or commercial purpose in view. Under these conditions the secondary publication of these contents in other websites or in computer network systems for any purpose is forbidden. The contents of this website (photos, visual images, articles etc) are covered by intellectual property rights, any unauthorized use of them shall conflict with copyrights or other legislation.
  3. The Owner shall declare that he uses all the contents, visual images, text and audio materials of this website in line with legislation, he has the necessary authorization and permission. The Owner shall not publish any visual images or audio material on this website which is covered by copyright or its use would conflict any other legislation.
  4. The Owner shall pursue its best endeavors in order to have regards to the confident and personal information of the visitors and protect them. To have access to some services of the Owner (comments, newsletter, online registration) and to some specific pages of the website you shall have registration. In the course of registration you are asked to give information which shall be considered as personal. Provision of some information (eg. email address) is obligatory, while provision of other information (name, phone number etc) is not precondition of registration. Owner shall not sell, give on lease or rent information about its clients to other companies.  The Owner – as the controller – shall process and record the personal data in full compliance with the CXII. Act of 2011 on Individuals rights in respect of the processing of their personal data and freedom of information and only in that respect to which authorization is given. Under no circumstances will we make your personal data – received through the registration process – available to a third party without the express consent of yours, with the exception of being legally obliged and the proceedings of authorities.
  5. To be able to use some services of the website you shall accept cookies. Cookie is usually a small piece of data sent from a website which contains personalized information for you and stored in your web browser. Cookies are the most common method used by web servers to know whether the user is logged in or not, and which account they are logged in under.   6. In connection with the calculators available in the website you have the possibility to use other services via email. In the course of the use of services provided via email our system stores the given addresses, however to these email addresses we send email only in relation with the ordered service. We do not use the email addresses to marketing, advertising purposes in view, we do not give it to third parties neither free of charge nor in return for payment.